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MPLAB X theme – Pseudo WekeRoad Ink

I decided to share with the world my theme on MPLAB X, since my plays on the AVR32 I’ve started working on a embedded company that uses PICs as is main architecture (yup I’m sick too). This problem aside the IDE that we use to program such devices is the MPLAB X (aka NetBeans), and since I’ve WekeRoad on eclipse and visual studio, I tried to make a clone to this IDE.

Here is the preview:

And the download link

To install just unrar to the folder : C:\Users\{your user}\AppData\Roaming\.mplab_ide\dev\v1.00\config


WP7 2º app published

So has I said the second Imagination Overflow App is online!!!

This app was born on my interest to know how the thomson routers default password were generated, so I implemented the algorithm described in here, tried to optimized it so it runs as fast as possible in a windows phone and make an app around that XD. Enjoy

On the next post I will try to explain MVVM, the architectural pattern that is embedded in the windows phone programming interface.

EDIT: I open-source the implementation of the default passwords algorithm check it out:

The windows phone playground

So since the last post many things happened, we drop the kinect to a corner waiting for that big idea to come up and became windows phone 7 developers !!!

We all attended the Portugal code camp where we found out what the big fuzz was all about.

Today we have just submitted the second app to the marketplace, more on that later, but first check out our first app,
So this long time without posts probably is over since there is much knowledge to shar.

Commencing ImagineCup, Baby-Steps

The ProgrammaticallySpeaking team is going for ImagineCup, we decided to finally start doing something that will enrich not only our CV but also our knowledge.

ImagineCup is a competition where we must help solve the millennium goals in different categories, which in our case will be Software Design. You can get more information here.

The project name is GiveGraph but I will not explain the idea as we intend to keep it a secret for a while, maybe until it is shown at the portuguese finals if we make it that far.

We already started deciding technologies and established what the project will really be about, and the work for the next week is to make a working login system and a front page. Which will lead to start working on database modelling, web app theme and if we manage to get a free hosting by Microsoft for our project to give it some publicity perhaps.

Hoping for the best and to have some fun :).

Programmatically Speaking Repository

The last post in the blog was made last year, sorry about that, but that doesn’t mean that we have forgotten about the blog, i’ve created a git repository where we will start to post some code. The link is:

There are cool stuff about C# 5.0 async in there, check it out.


This blog is all about programming, its done by two guys and one girl that love to spend hours programming at any language (LIEEEE XD). The idea of this blog is to talk about our minor experiences in the world of coding, compilling, linking and deploying. You can expect posts of .NET, Java, C, Web programming, concurrent programming, SQL, frustrating stuff that we have passed, and lot of code.

About us, our names are João Silvestre, Diogo Cardoso and Ana Correia, we are senior students on ISEL (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa) taking the degree of Informatics Engineering.

This is our way to give back to the big community out there that helped us before so many times.

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