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Monthly Archives: February 2012

WP7 2º app published

So has I said the second Imagination Overflow App is online!!!

This app was born on my interest to know how the thomson routers default password were generated, so I implemented the algorithm described in here, tried to optimized it so it runs as fast as possible in a windows phone and make an app around that XD. Enjoy

On the next post I will try to explain MVVM, the architectural pattern that is embedded in the windows phone programming interface.

EDIT: I open-source the implementation of the default passwords algorithm check it out:


The windows phone playground

So since the last post many things happened, we drop the kinect to a corner waiting for that big idea to come up and became windows phone 7 developers !!!

We all attended the Portugal code camp where we found out what the big fuzz was all about.

Today we have just submitted the second app to the marketplace, more on that later, but first check out our first app,
So this long time without posts probably is over since there is much knowledge to shar.

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