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Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Codebits Experience

The last Thursday, Friday and Saturday probably were the best 3 days I had as a developer.

Me, Sorcha and PaletaS were at codebits making a cool project using kinect, Imaginect, and the experience was just awesome!!!!

Codebits can be easily described as a geeky developer convention where 800 nerds join together on the same spot to code 48h non-stop. But the chosen-ones that have been there know that the previous description is vague.

As a recent developer (+/- 4years) I always knew that in this world there were many fabulous people that have awesome ideas and skills to implement them, but I never thought that being so close to those people would effect me so much. I’m not saying that those 800 people in that place were the best of the best, but being close to so many projects and ideas really stroke me hard.

Whatever I looked I saw great things being constructed, I saw people working with Kinect creating innovative ways to interact with the PC, I saw people using Augmented Reality to create new ways to see the world, I saw people reinventing products giving them news ways to be used, and a lot more.

That kind of environment is really contagious, I always thought that it would be a little overwhelming,  and that showed on the project that we did. Nothing fancy or good, but considering the lack of knowledge on the Kinect SDK and the XNA framework we did something in 48h, namely understand concepts and utilization of those frameworks. That may not seem hard, but when I say understand we really mean understand, not doing something with it XDD.

Imaginect3D were born, the idea? A simple modulation application for developers that don’t really want to understand complicated applications like blender to make simple 3D objects for they game or app. The final application didn’t do much, just a non-physical mouse (kinect style), a simple menu with 4 3D primitives, a way to select them and place them on the world, using voice. But in the process we defined and implemented a way to make rotation and scale just with gestures, that may not seem much but try to define a way, touch-free to rotate a 3D object on all possible axis (x,y,z). The lack of time and experience on making this kind of speed projects were noticed when we didn’t incorporate all the different parts that we develop thorough the project in the final application.

But we have fun, and learn stuff, a lot of stuff and we did win a Kinect XDD, so probably our second try on imagine cup will use Kinect. Imaginect3D is on our github repository check it out.

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