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Monthly Archives: September 2011

AVR32 for Dummies

So, me and Sorcha have ended our graduation project \o/.
You can browse the source code on github.

In July we submitted our project into a company contest, the Bithium Design Challenge.
The contest is divided in two parts, the concept part that we already won, the prize was an EVK1004, an AVR32 development board, the second part is where we need to implement the concept that we purposed.

The deadline is 7 October, and we need to start doing it XDD.

I started to study the AVR architecture and discover that there isn’t anything like the ARM documentation (we programmers must love documentation), so I decided to do some blog posts about where to start.

The project that I’m going to do is a simple Operating System port, one that we made (Micro Operating System), so the main bullets that I’m going to talk are:

– The AVR32 development environment.
– The AVR32 boot.
– Using AVR32 interrupt system.
– Making the context switch and atomic operations.

The bullets are not in order, I’m going to talk by the order that I learn those topics in the next 7 days.

Finally when the project is over I’m going to compare AVR32 with ARM7.

See you next time.


New Home

So between February and September we didn’t post a single blog, but we didn’t stop working XD.
Between then and here, we lost the imagine cup competition without even going to the finals, but you can check the repo in the codeplex site:
Give Graph Repo.

DVD developed his own embedded operating system, used some cool stuff that he learnt browsing eCos kernel, and mono Slimthreading implementation, he is going to talk about it in the future.

The team has done a nice work, in java ( insert WTF in here XD), we made a simple copy of .NET MVC framework and the .NET Entity Framework Code first library to a course final work, that will be soon on github. Don’t know if we’re going to write about it or not.

Currently the three of us are applying to Codebits 2011, that is an annual 2 day nonstop coding event, with a lot of nerdish, presentations and competitions. DVD might actually (hopefully) be going to give a talk about C# 5.0 async framework.

During this time we went trough lots of frustrations which eventually led to new knowledge, so it’s always cool, actually it might be the best way to learn.

PaletaS also developed, during a course work, a simple web chat using WebSockets which can be used to show how WebSockets will make the life of web developers much easier and web apps much more simple to make, this code will also be in the repository soon.

Finally, Sorcha is working on doing a port of the .NET Micro Framework. Don’t know what it is? Imagine 60MHz CPU with 4Mb of ram and flash, something like that is really small, now imagine that small processor running the CLR, and you making applications that will run on it using C#, with some limitations.

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